Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what's in your kitchen window?

i was reading my friend Sharon's blog, and she wants to know "what's in your window".Does it say who we are.Is there alittle of childhood home, the way your mother had her window. I'm afraid not. My mom was NOT a nic nac person. Nothing any where. Even now, she lives in a place that's free and clear of anything without a purpose.Her closets are empty. I can't imagine what that would be like~!!! My window has glass bottles we found in a "out house" excavation dig. Also a melted 7-up bottle or something we found in an old burn pile, place it on a fancy pedestal and you really got something. A clay monkey head that bill made in grade school, i thought it was cool.On what's a kitchen window without a beaded turtle shell, or a "green man". Whats in your window?

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A Wild Thing said...

I know what's in your window girl...all things magical and artsy...you are a wonderful person Cath...the road is open now and I will soon call upon you for those fun shots for my blog...love the music, it's SO YOU...come to de islands...

Love you girl!!!