Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"White wednesday

Wow, i can't believe it, i did it, i found another white piece in my house. A child's doll dresser. That's been chewed on by a destructive bird named "Greta". . Of course i had to show off my beeeautiful white lilies. Sorry to those that might be tired of flower pictures. Please check out faded charm for more beautiful visions of white.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi thanks for stopping by. Love all your lilies. The smell is intoxicating.isn't it? I'd never heard if John S??? sorry I forgot the last name.
Hydrangeas are probably one of my favorites.
Never tire of seeing flower pics.

Sweet Repose said...

Hey...can I borrow Greta someday to distress my furniture after I paint it...that lil' shit!

I'm thinking you got the building 'cause yer runnin' outta room in your yard for plantings...hmmm...but I love the man-cave idea! That building is just too cool and I love the yard even though it needs tamed...A LOT!!!

Can't wait to see the magic transform got the power...Greta will help...right!