Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving along

This rain ,it doesn't seem to stop. Poor bill he's been busy ripping off the back roof of the building. It had layer after layer of roofing, plywood, tar and whatever else. He stripped it down to the 1st layer of wood. He's repaired the bad spots with new wood. After years of leaking, the roof it self was in pretty good shape. The problem seems to be.... It won't stop raining. The tarps come out, it still gets wet and it needs to dry out before a new one goes on. He also insists on doing it all himself, So it taking time. But, it will be done soon. It will be done right.

I found a couple of cool doors for the front of the building. They need to be stripped. They are unusual, i've never seen anything like them. I also found a great old round stove for the building. I think it will keep it real toasty this winter. We have't picked it up yet, This picture i found it online, It's identical to the one we bought. I love stoves, i love the heat they give out and the warmth gets right down to my bones. We also cleared out the back. It was over run with terrible scrub trees, "Mulberries" and "tree of heaven". Now i have a clean slate and i can start planning for spring. Take a good look at this "before" picture. It will look nothing look this when i'm done.

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