Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm back again

Wow, the whoas of computer problems. I have been out of commission for about a week or more. In that time i bought a new car and have been bearing this cold weather. I've been limiting any Christmas shopping. I bought my mom and bill's mom something and of course bill. But, that is it!! I bought a 2000 Toyota Camry. It is sooo nice. I'm not used to a nice car. My old Toyota tercel served me well. It will now serve someone else well. I'm a total believer in Toyota's.. LOVE THEM. I'm dying my hair right now, waiting for the 30 min to pass. I gotta get that grey right outta my hair...... I'm going redder than I'm used to, I'll see how it goes. Now I'm off to catch-up on my fellow bloggers.


Chris said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely afternoon of multitasking. I bought a BRAND NEW Toyota Yaris! It was my first new car in my whole life. It's 3 years old now. I completely expect to get 200K miles out of it. I see all kinds of Camrys, all different shapes, they must be from the 80s onward. Good luck with your car.

Dogwalk said...

Be sure to post a photo of the new hair color! Lol!

simplyiowa said...

Hey Kiddo!
It must be in the air, I washed that gray right out of my hair, too, day before yesterday! I'm a new woman! Congrats on the new wheels!!!
Merry Christmas!
Barb C.

Sweet Repose said...

Just can't git along without me Ford pickup...must be the country girl in me...and red hair, can't wait to see. Mine went silver so fast, I don't see the point in coloring it, I'd be married to the bottle.

Ran into Bill, what a surprise...hope you guys have a fabulous holiday...hope to see ya soon...HAVE A MERRY!!!