Monday, August 9, 2010


I just watched a movie called "Flow" . It just shows you how water right along every other thing we need is going to the highest bidder. We will become just like a third world country. The poor die off for lack of fresh water and the rich will survive. It's called thinning the herd. Population control. The "World Bank" IS "The new world order" . If you are interested in your kids future, you better join the fight now. Water is the BIGGEST problem today. Not wars or big oil. Water is going going and almost gone. They (the people who give a shit) are telling us we have about 20 years. Soon, we will be buying all bottled water, ration and sold at the company rates. See it for your self. This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue, it's a big issue for all of us. WATCH THE MOVIE AND ACT NOW! flow the

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A Wild Thing said...

This is a sickening world of greed we live in, it's so hard to have a nice day when you think of all the travesties against the middle class, we're a dying breed and the immigrant populations have no clue what's ahead of them and their over-populating ways...I try to stay in the light, but when I have 5 young hispanic girls running wild in walmart, bouncing balls into my cart, rearranging all the toys on the shelves, opening boxes and playing with them in the middle of the aisle and not a parent in sight, it's hard to stay focused!

We're in for a long, hard anybody listening???