Friday, September 17, 2010

Orchid cactus

I came home just now to a house filled with this intoxicating scent. I ran out to the sunroom to find my orchid cactus in full bloom. I just had to share the beauty. My camera is failing me. I can't get any good close ups.


Unknown said...

How beautiful.

Prairie Gothic said...

Your plants are beautiful. I've been a florist and still no green thumb :( I love your blog header, right up my alley!

Miriam Cutelis said...

love your photos and your art. you should get an e-mail reminder so that subscribers get an e-mail when you post.....would love to keep coming


Gary said...

Don't know how I missed this one. But when I was adding blog to my side bar I saw this picture and had to come right over and check it out. "Breath Taking" If I could get plants to produce / look just half as good as your I would be happy. Is there some great plant secret you are keeping from us all or is it I'm just "not" worthy of such grand plant displays. Well I guess I should close this comment have just been sitting here enjoying your music selections :) - G

A Wild Thing said...

I remember once having a Mother in law's tongue bloom, it filled the house with a sweet honey/jasmine scent...mmmmmm...simply beautiful!!!

Yup, I'll be home all day Sunday, come on down, I'll be out playing with my toys...wanna play too...ha!