Monday, December 6, 2010

The lastest

Well, i got a call yesterday morning from my sister. Mom fell in the bathroom and broke her hip. We just talked her into getting a life alert. So, I'm hoping her healing time is speedy. and her attitude is positive. At 85 we will see. She has been riding a stationary bike for an hour every day for years. So she's in pretty good shape, I'm just worried about her mind. She's petrified of nursing homes. (who can blame her).


Gary said...

Oh, what distressing news to hear and it is doubly so at this season. I truly hope that her recovery is speedy and she is back on her exercise bike in no time. I hope you are not worrying too badly about this (OK, I know you are! It’s just me trying to be encouraging and really not knowing how to phrase it). And yes I understand the fear of nursing homes, yep they scare me to. Take care, stay warm. - G

Lori R. said...

Wow!! good luck with it all. Prayers for her fast healing. Hope it isn't followed by other injuries... dang, I don't want to get old!!!!!!

A Wild Thing said...

What a bummer about Ma, I so worry about my Dad too, he drove down to my house yesterday, he does so every Sunday...I think just to get away from my brother...ha...he does the stationary bike too, plus rides his regular bike all the time when the weather is right...AND still rides his BMW, that totally freaks me out!! He'll be 83 in February..geesh, his Ma was 93 when she passed on!

Hey have you seen the Michael Ruppert video 'Collapse'...a must see...I wasn't gonna expand my garden next year, but now I'm gonna triple it and plant fruit trees and more berries and start my collection of heirloom organic seeds...very scary out there these days!!!

A batch of 16 bars of goatmilk for you $30.00...I love it too, it's just the creamiest. I did it in Waterlily scent at the Candle Shed and it is FABULOUS!!! Just lemme know, I can drop it off to ya the next time I go to Sisters, I'll let ya know when.

Later sista, good luck with MA!