Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dominica Republic bound

YIPPEE!!!! We are off tonight, I'll be in the waves and beautiful beach by noon tomorrow. We are SO ready!! We are always last minute packers, so I'll probably forget something. We are light packers too. We know how to pack LIGHT.some underwear or not and a pair of shorts, sandals, a bathing suit. I bought a pair of fun aqua socks They fit like a glove. And since i haven't lost much weight, a miracle swim suit. It really does work. I'll take alot of pictures. I'll be thinking of you all. Wish you were coming with me. Bye, later gator.


Gary said...

Don't forget the "SUNSCREEN!!!" Other then that hope you guys have a great time. - G

Chris said...


Laura Rodgers said...

How fabulous! Bring us back warmth and sunshine!

A Wild Thing said...

Yeah...well don't forget the salt for the wounds after you show us all the fabulous beach pictures and warm sands n surf!

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

It's 17 degrees F (5F wind chill) in Omaha today. ENJOY IT while you can!

I sent you an EMAIL regarding fiberglass as an underlying form for mosaic. I really look forward to hearing from you.


(sorry about 'Anonymous', I'm not sure how to use the other ID options here)