Friday, June 17, 2011

My summer favorites

I can't believe all the different kinds of coleus. I remember the nice but common varieties. Now they are so beautiful and i can't get enough. I buy every different one i see. Succulents are the same. Only I'd go broke if i bought every one of those i see. The succulents i found really don't winter over very good. Just a few pics of my favorites.
Also, an update. That it is verified that it is my friend Matt Angerer in the book. We got in touch with a family member ( that hasn't seen him in many years.) So, we know it's him and still can't find him. But, i highly recommend the book. I found out that it is required reading in some schools. It has become a classic. It makes me want to hike a little of the trail.


Gayle said...

Your coleus look so happy! I don't do very well with them here, even in windowbox and planters. But if I ever get a greenhouse.......

By the way............
My sis and her husband are avid hikers, she read the book and said she really enjoyed it.

Have a good weekend!!

A Wild Thing said...

Girl, I've seen your gardens and am always amazed at their beauty. Coleus doesn't do well for me, too much sand, so I'll enjoy yours...K...!

If anyone can tackle this trail it would be you, I've heard it's a rough one, but just doing a section would be awesome, such pristine beauty.

Take care little one...back to getting my box of crap ready for work tomorrow, you never know what I'll come up with, right now I'm working on a creepy baby doll scarecrow for my garden...not for the faint of heart, got the idea from Gayle's baby head in her garden...heehee!!!