Monday, August 29, 2011

mosaic high heeled shoe

My latest project. It was fun and easy to do. I filled the shoe with plaster of Paris. Then covered it with epoxy clay. after it set, on went on the cut glass and baubles. It came out pretty good. now what next.
On another note. I had to get a new hard drive. An HP. I am having loads of problems leaving comments on other blogs. (vintage green, the one that never works) I've enabled 3 party whatever, makes no difference. Gary i know you gave me some advice but, i can't find it. Any advice?


Gayle said...

I LOVE THAT SHOE!! It's always a treat to see how you put colors together. It always makes me want to bust out of my own color rut.

I haven't heard from anyone else that they are having any problems leaving comments on my blog. I hope you figure it out.....I miss hearing from you!!!

That black poppy only made the smallest pod.....I will cut it open soon and get at least a few seeds on the way to you.

Take care.............

A Wild Thing said...

Love the slipper, such delicate work, you are so pc is still running really slow, just so much advertising and bullshit online anymore, very frustrating. I have a terrible time commenting on Greyscale Territory, sometimes takes me 30 minutes to write to Gemma...I have no clues!!!

Now I got Canadian viagra ads coming through on my friends emails...get a clue suck!

Gary said...


This was the advice David over at Alokoli gave me back when I was having my problem posting comments:

I had a problem for awhile to...I had to do this

go to Blog content solution
then tools, internet options
then delete cookies

then go to blogger sign in, but b4 signing in click f5 on key board then sign in, but don’t click stay signed in.

It was the charm that got my back to being able to post comments. Give it a try, let my know if it works for you.

Now about that shoe… (expletive of your choice here) AMAZING !!! You know those would make wonderful Christmas presents. You know I am going to have to try making one or a pair, lol. - gary

Laura Rodgers said...

OMG! Love the shoe! I think I will wait on the radio, lamp, and frog and try one also.
God luck with the computer problems.My vintage computer is serving me well after 10 years. Knock on wood! (or glass! carefully....)

cconz said...

Thanks gary, it worked!!!