Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous tapestry from India

Okay Gayle, here it is. it covers a queen size bed. Jeff and John are my good friends and the own a shop called "Dwell" in coralville Iowa. They were listed last year as being in the top 50 stores in retail (furniture) in the country. They were just picked by Ty from extreme home makeover. To do the furniture in house they are doing in Waterloo, Iowa. Anyway this came from there and at a great price. so if interested let me know. I'm buying the other one. They very beautiful. I am a sucker for cool textiles. crazy quilts and needlework.


Gayle said...

You are right, it's beautiful. All that stitching, it's amazing, whether by hand or machine....I don't care, stunning. I think I am
going to have to pass however, since I just bought that other one.(it pains me to even say that) But I am happy for you that you found one you like at such a good good price! Dang, even as I write this I am thinking, "oh, maybe".......I can't decide if you are a good sweet friend or an evil fiend to tempt me so much!!!LOL......If you get an email from me saying I changed my mind, and pleading with you......please......HIT DELETE!!!
Many many thanks for even thinking of me.......!!!

A Wild Thing said...

I would love one, it's so beautiful, but the cost would probably freak me out...but this ol gypsy is on the lookout for exotics, so lemme know!

Bohemian said...

You know, this is why I adore Fabric Creations from Exotic locales... you just don't see that type of workmanship and details anymore and I'm all about the details and handmade items... I don't care so much about perfection in a piece, as character and the Artist's Heart being in the piece... this is Magnificent!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Sweet Pea,
I am just now reading through the blogland... to see you and Bill were sick....oh my... Hope you are better... Something has been making it's rounds...I got it early...weeks ago...then the kids...then Mom.... YUK! Take care of you... {and Bill}
Love to Ya...
Barb C.