Wednesday, April 4, 2012

little project

my latest mosaic tile project. I altered a picture of my sister and me, glued it into a small shadow box and topped it with a frame covered in mosaic tiles. Lots of fun to make.
I've been spring cleaning. Sharon, i might be seeing if you want some things. I really need to make some more room.
I found a painter for the house, he's coming the 1st week in may. and i'm still using the bucket in the basement. The bathroom is still not done. I'm not complaining though. He has been working on it pretty steady. Old fixtures, old plumbing, not always easy.  


A Wild Thing said...

Let's talk...I'll be sure to pee before I stop by...LOL!!!

Love your latest project...IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

Gary said...

Hear that? It’s the applause you are receiving for this latest fantastic piece of art, wonderful! It has also dawned on me that being the intrepid travelers that you two are, the bathroom remodel may be viewed as a great adventure to be enjoyed as much during the process as well as when completed. And then again I could be wrong since I am not sharing the bucket in the basement with you, lol. Take care. – gary

Gayle said...

What a cool tile project!
And I am laughing at Sharons comment....

Bohemian said...

Yes... remodeling or restoring old Houses is certainly a Labor of Love and you have to be able to have the capacity to live in a mess for a while. *LOL* Sometimes I think that the 'finished' projects will never be completed in MY lifetime? *Smiles* Your Shadowbox is so sweet.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Laura Rodgers said...

Love the mosaic piece Cathy! Very personal, and done with such great design and creativity.