Thursday, March 27, 2008


I's snowing!!!! What's with that, i'm suppose to go swimming with a friend and just could'nt get out of bed. Listing to the snow crashing off our metal roof just made me sink deeper under the covers.Sorry laura>
the only thing that brighten up my day was remembering we have tomorrow off!! we're going to see "The Cowboy Junkies" at the englert theater in iowa city.I love that place. i saw patty griffin there last year. What a fabulous concert. That was one of the best things that happen to iowa city. A group of concerned citizens, raised money to save it. THey have gotten quiet a few great people to play there.
i decieded to work on my mosaic,it's going pretty well. I just do'nt know where in the hell i'm going to put it. Shelly the shell lady is pretty large when completly done.Well i better go get ready for work. Off to the the "island of broken toys"

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