Monday, June 2, 2008

"my kids"

i have acouple of new pictures of my babies. they are frequently are in the sleepy mode. peanut, pickles and jimi. emmie must be upstairs in bed, under the covers. Her favorite place.


A Wild Thing said...

What a happy lil'family...they don't talk back...well most of the time anyway. I'm goin ta Sistas tomorrow to take more soaps. Yeah this economy is for the birds. The more I talk about it on the blog, the more emails I get about shops closing and mall closings. Don't know what to do other than groom more dogs...didn't I retire 11 years ago??? Thought so...there will be no retirement for my generation, we will all have to go back to work...until the revolution.
Love you friend,

Simply Cindy Lou said...

Your babies are beautiful.