Saturday, September 6, 2008

fall flowers

All the colors of the flowers and foliage seem to get so deep and rich. the coleus seems to jump right out at me. The hydrangeas are in there full glory and my passion flower finally bloomed. my hoya has been full of blooms all month. Summers last hurrah. I'm really not ready to haul everything back in the house. I still haven't seen any sign of my friend the "praying mantis".I've been trimming away in the flower border but no sign of him.


Whoopeddog said...

We finally got passion flowers started on our trellis. They are the double super bomb, with a sublime aroma. However, they are also quite invasive!

cconz said...

unfortunately, here in iowa there's NO chance of invasion.Trumpet vine is my enemy. It comes up every where. HELP!!!

A Wild Thing said...

All my praying mantis are still under two inches and I don't see many at all this year. Don't want my flowers to leave...yuck...winter!