Tuesday, September 30, 2008

clear it out!

We have got to empty out the rented storage shed. i don't know how many times i have told bill that. I have now started to empty out all my stuff. If he wants to keep his junk in there than he can pay the monthly payment.I'm OUT. it finally hit me one day while writing out that check for 47.00. What am i doing this for and add up what we had spent so far. my jaw dropped when i read 7000.00. Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing in there that's worth over 300.00 and most of it worth less than 50.00. so every day for a week I've been finding new places for my half of the junk. 3 piles, throw out, sell, keep and find a new place. So far I've done pretty good. Bill has a big job ahead of him. Get this, he has not 1 but 2 operating room lights, you know those great big round heavy things. Why would he have 2 of those? i have NO IDEA!!!! There is also about 10-15 50 gallon plastic barrels, empty of course. They were originally meant to be used to float a dock out on a friends lake. Help!!!!!Bill is a real pack rat. He's finding it very hard.

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A Wild Thing said...

Bad Bill...don't you know she might be small but she's mighty!!!

Anywho, I just got Robin Brown's new book...OH MY GOD!!! and I just got paid from sisters' yesterday...so I'm gonna shop till I drop...HEEHAW...I have not been able to put it down yet either, I wish these customers at Piper's shop would quit botherin me so I can read...HA...later girl, good luck with the man thang...Ha again!