Thursday, March 5, 2009

Take me back

Maybe if i click my heels i can be back on the big island of Hawaii riding the most scenic roads I've ever been on. I went on a "Women tours" bike trip to Hawaii acouple of years ago. I had the time of my life. Great place, a great bunch of women and doing something we all had in common. It was 360 miles or so. with lots of major hills. I'm ready to go again. "CLICK,CLICK.


Mari Meehan said...

Sounds like you're a tad weary of winter. I have a friend in Ames who feels the same! Lol.

Laura Rodgers said...

looks wonderful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've really enjoyed yours. You work is terriffic! Looks like we have a lot of common ground...ummmm including our age.

A Wild Thing said...

I wish I had this adventurous soul you have my dear...I have a hard time leaving Scratchy...poor excuse, but I am planning a driving trip to Florida sometime this summer, maybe during hurricane season, so I can get stranded...bummer!

But I love driving, seeing the new countryside and sleeping in a rest stop for a few hours rest, then on to my beautiful Florida...can't wait to smell the orange blossoms and the sea...ahhhh!!!

Not really much in Burlington, but there is a new antique shop clear down by the river on Jefferson ST. and a new thrift by The Old Stone Mill, but I just like touring that once grand metropolis. We oughta plan a trip to Kane County before you leave for Peru (or when you get back)(lucky shit), I'm sure you and Bill would find some too...icky taxidermy...eeeee...we'll take my truck.


PS-word true!

kartika said...

Hey - I just corrected myself - it takes place in Pakistan! Yes, I loved slumdog - it was so amazing and I loved the acting and the characters! I just saw El Torino yesterday and that was great too - did you see it? It blew me away!

Hawaii is beautiful - have a good friend who lives on Maui! She swims with Dolphins and goes hiking every weekend!