Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some updates

I've been reading blogs but, haven't been posting. To much on my mind. First off, the dynamics of the house has obviously changed. Little Jimi was the mayor or the little general. He kept order in the house with 3 monkeys below him. He ran a tight ship. I didn't realize how tight until he's been gone. Now the other are running amok. The cat eats out of all the bowls. no one greets us at the door. The barking has subsided. everyone is sleeping when we get home. "Oh your home?" He watched out that window vigilantly for any thing amiss outside. and waited everyday for our cars to pull up. He wasn't like the others. Almost human. I could talk to him like a person. He would understand. "i wouldn't leave the yard if i were you Jim" He'd turn right around. Anything i would say he knew what i was saying.
But, we are doing better. I'm going to be making a stone for his grave with mosaics. It's getting pretty full,back by the pine trees. 4 dogs and 2 cats. I want to make alittle grotto.
now on to my other dilemma. I went out for a bike ride Saturday and lost my wallet and my camera. I put it on the hood of my trunk. As i was loading my bike on the bike rack. I drove off. So, I've been combing the ditches of highway 22 alittle mile at a time. So far No luck. Walking and more walking. At least I'm getting some exercise. I had my drivers license and bank numbers, a MasterCard, and 100.00. my last hundred for the month. I don't get paid again till the 1st of Sept. I'm broke. So that's why I'm walking the ditch miles. I have nothing else to do.
The building still is not emptied. C'mon John get your ass in gear. He has sooo much stuff. So off i go to walk some more. If i don;t walk and try to find it. I'll always wonder. So No pictures either.No camera.


Lori R. said...

I think sometimes when there is tragedy in our lives, everything goes haywire for a while. That's too bad re: wallet and camera. I bet you were sick! In a wierd way, maybe that was supposed to happen so it would force you to take time for yourself just walking, being alone, having time to just be.... You have had sooo many irons in the fire for sooo long. Hope you find them and glad you have had quiet time to yourself even if it is walking and looking.

A Wild Thing said...

What a bummer...I had that happen to me when I lived in Colorado, back in the day...left my brand new Nikon on the bumper while we were loading the dogs after a long day's hiking in the high country of the Rockies...all of a sudden...I FREAKED...stop the car...I ran back to check on the camera and it was still on my bumper...a miracle, mind you, we were at the TOP of Mt. Evans and the roads are terrible...yes, a miracle!!!

Funny how we can communicate with our lil' heathens...Scratchy responds to hand signals or just a 'hey'...oh, I thought they were human...more than my last husband...ha!!!

Come on John...throw some(ALL)of that shit away...I think Lorie is related to him...ha! I'm with ya,I only get paid once a month at Sisters...bummer...

Luv ya girl!


kartika said...

Hi Girl, Just stopped by to see how you're doing. Sometimes life is definitely a bitch - feels like too much to handle - especially when it rains and it pours too! It will get better! Hugs! Kartika

kartika said...

Hey girl, so good to hear from you - hope you're feeling better and things have turned a corner - it does seem like sometimes life just hits up upside the head! Be back again soon, Kartika

Simply Iowa said...

Oh Cathie,
I'm so sorry... I know how you feel, some times we have sooo much on our brain, and heart, that we are easily 'tripped up'. I love to read your bolg and comments, so keep it up, and your chin too.
There's a Saint that you are supposed to pray to when you loose something, but I can't remember which one it is...[you think you have problems, I have no memory left...} So I'll put in a prayer to the Big Guy, and hopefully, it will all be found...
Barb C!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

You don't know me (I came for White Wednesday) but I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry about Jimi. I lost my beloved shih tzu a few months ago...they are our little fur-babies.

kartika said...

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by - so glad you're reading The Artist's Way - can't wait to hear what you think - I think you will love it! Also, I just noticed you love Dexter - I have been getting it from Netflix and am now watching Season 3 - It is so fascinating - I hate having to wait for it to come out on Netflix again - the same goes for Weeds.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie!
I left a message on a phone that I hope was yours! Loved seein' you guys, and I'm sure you already know, but I forgot the gnarly swatter, and darning eggs!!! Let's hook up, just ring me, I'm headed to 'Sisters' this week, some time.
Let me know,
Hope you enjoy all your treasures!
Barb C.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie,
I'll let ya know when I'm headed to 'Sister's',
I'm sure Barb wouldn't mind if I left those little treasures with her. Call me and let me know what Bill wants.
I truly enjoyed you both, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Barb C.