Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Leave my kids alone"

I know i haven't posted anything for awhile, but, this got my dander up. I was reading the paper this morning. An article about President Obama caught my eye. He was going to give a speech to the nations school kids. Surprise, the "Conservatives" are in an uproar. "The pres is trying to indoctrinate the nation's children. Some Bigots oh i mean conservative parents held signs out "leave our kids alone" . I can't believe it. If i were a conservative and i wasn't a bigot, I'd be really mad. Because when i hear the word Conservative i think Bigot, redneck, or people that hate, hate gays, or anything that is'nt like them. They really don't care about our country. But, people who hate Obama so much that they want to see him fail, even if it means screwing up our country.
C'mon folks he was giving a speech telling kids to stay in school and study hard. To hang in there when things get tough. Something you redneck parents should be telling your kids.


Chris said...

Isn't this shit so annoying? I read that even Laura Bush thinks they are out of control. You must have read that Ronald Reagan gave a speech to school children and he DID push his agenda.

But that's OK.

We have a big outdoor Christian music festival outside our town every year, and I ended up driving behind someone who had a bumper sticker that said, WWRD? Meaning, "What Would Reagan do?" I've also noticed people cutting the "McCain" off of the stickers on their cars and leaving the "Palin."

Stephanie Brandenburg said...

I also liked the question "Who would Jesus bomb?" I just want to say that I agree with you and I really believe we should have respect for the President of the United States speaking at a school.

kartika said...

Girl I love what you are saying! They are even crazier than I though - do you think a little old fashioned racism is at work here?