Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eagles are taking over

I think that is so cool! If you've ever seen one of these in flight or sitting in a tree waiting for a meal, you have to say WOW!! Big and beautiful. The numbers are way up. I saw a picture of a eagle nest in a magazine. It was so big that a man was laying flat inside of it. 6 feet wide.
Some friends of mine Lonny and Karen took these pics. They were right outside their bedroom window. The one was eating a new born lamb. (from the sheep farm a mile away) They said there were a total of 15 or 16 eagles, just sitting in their tree. I wish i could look out and see this. I do see an occasional hawk. I guess i might be afraid of one flying off with a Boston terrier.


Lori R. said...

What amazing pics. They ARE huge. We have them quite a bit on our land along the river.... They are majestic to watch!

Gary said...

There is something about an Eagles brow line that makes you feel they possess the wisdom of the ages. And I would also worry about my pets :) - G

A Wild Thing said...

I've had two flying around my yard too and I worry about Scratchy, though pity the poor fool that messes with this heathen!!!

That's one of the things I like about driving to Sisters', I see so many of them on route. I also see them on my way to the Shed, they are soaring high over the river and roosting in the trees on Mississippi Drive...I nearly drive into the river watching them...beautiful shots!!!

Amanda at 32˙North said...

Fantastic pictures you captured! It's good to hear that they're thriving again.