Friday, February 5, 2010

Ragbrai 2010

Well I'm sent of my registration form for ragbrai yesterday. I decided to give it another go. I've gone 2 other times the full route. (minus 2 days because i crashed into another rider) . This time I'm going with a new outlook. The last 2 times you could say i drank my way across Iowa on 2 wheels. I'd meet all my friends in the bars along the way. It was to much fun!! Then by the time i finally rolled into the last overnight town for the day, I'd set up my tent and crash. Usually with a real crummy site.
But this time is different. I'm arming myself with camera and a smile. I'm out to see more and meet more people. People come from every where, even from other countries. It's really pretty amazing. up to 15,000 people ride across the state. I will have to stop and get my morning bloody Mary. I can't give that up. This a Smithsonian article on ragbrai to give the history. written by Megan Gambino. She sums it all up. Just click on the picture to read the story.

The first Great Six-Day Bicycle Ride Across Iowa was in 1973. It was created by journalists and bike enthusiasts John Karras and Don Kaul.

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A Wild Thing said...

It's such a wonderful event for everyone, to come together and ride the plains...however, I hate it when it ends in Muscatine at the riverfront. All of our parking is taken away for the families that will be picking their riders up...the only people making money from the event are the bars, the restaurants and the quick shops and merchants have to deal with loss of real revenue from no parking for our customers.

Even as a merchant, I wasn't allowed to park at ANY of the parking facilities in town, I had to walk 5 blocks to the store and was bitched at by the police for double parking out front just to unload crap for the was a nightmare for merchants that day.

We didn't have one sale from any of the riders or their families, as our city fathers assured us we would...whatever...

Fun event, I've always wanted to do it, but never had the time off. Good attitude this time...have a blast!