Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gorgeous flower tuesday

"Monte Blanc rose
Goats beard
Jackmanii clematis
Tuesday comes rolling around pretty fast these days. It's hotter than a witches tit today. I'd rather be sweating than freezing any day. Bill and i are getting ready for a road trip. We are headed to D.C. We are both big fans of the Smithsonian, so we can't wait to see all the cool stuff they have. We plan on antiquing the way down and back. We aren't into fancy hotels, Just safe and clean is all we need. I got on to hotwire and found a cheap hotel and booked it. But, later i read some reviews and someone wrote that it was a HOtel. So i canceled and found a better place through "Frommers" they never have steered us wrong. We will be heading out the 1st week of June. " Oh my god What were we thinking," it's the busiest weekend.
I 've been hauling all my plants outside. I have space in my house now. I was beginning to forget what that was like.
Bill is the biggest procrastinator. But, i finally got him in to get his glasses. He looks alittle like Michel Douglas in "Falling down". But, that's all good. He got them. Now, I'm working on the license renewal, It's 5 years, it expired and he has never gone to get it. I told him "No license ,No D.C. one down one to go.


A Wild Thing said...

OMG, he sounds just like Al, procrastinated on the glasses and the license too, I think he died without having one...not that you need one to die...had a pretty profound dream about him the other night, he held a very strong presence, but I never actually saw him...strange...

Speaking of strange...have fun at the Smithsonian, take lots of pictures and drive careful...your garden looks wonderful, as usual!!!

Luv ya girl!

Gary said...

cc, what a "Rose", if you ever get tired of it I'll be more than happy to give it a home. As far as Hotels/Motels go well just say I saw the Bates Motel at too young of age, wonder what they call a fear of sleazy motels ? hmmm ... (lol) Hope you guys have a great trip, remember - pictures, pictures, pictures. - G

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is a beautiful lamp! I havent taken the time out to really clean ours. And tthe flowers from your garden are verry pretty....Julian