Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plant fanatics unite

Wow, i found another plant nut through blogging. His blog is Plants are the strangest people. I found out he lives in my small town. We met because he is trying to start a business selling his plants. So i went to his home and was in awe of his place. I always knew i had a lot of plants but, he is the plant king. 800 plus i have no doubt. All healthy and beautiful plants too. I know with that many , it is a full time job. They have done a lot to the house and what a treat it would be to live there. I hauled home my 1st patch of plants from him. I'm really getting into succulents and he had a lot to choose from. Everything was all neat and clean. He prefers to use the plant's botanical name and i hope he doesn't think I'm a bum for not. I'm a plant slob. my place is kinda dirty, dead leaves that have fallen throughout the winter are still piled up in corners. At least till i can get them outside this spring. Then the spring cleaning begins. Thanks mark and good luck in your venture.

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