Sunday, February 12, 2012

new collage

I just finished this one. I've been thinking for a while What can i put in this cool folk art clock case (besides a clock). I came up with this. A nice picture of dad and a few symbols that represent him. He was a druggist and stamp collector, plus many more things. But it came out pretty good. It needs some sort of trim around it. I'll put bill on that.


Gayle said...

What a cool piece Cathie!! That's a great picture of your Dad. I really like all the background texture and design.

A Wild Thing said...

I see a resemblance there, what a cool piece and a great alternative to a boring ol picture frame...hmmmm, now my wheels are afraid...ha!!!


Gary said...


What a moving and beautiful piece of art work as well as being a tribute. You so clearly captured so much with the use of imagery that is clean and crisp and yet it speaks volumes on so many levels. “Wonderful” - gary