Friday, May 16, 2008

did a little better

Today was Gorgous. I got out this morning and rode my 20 miles and hopefully will get more miles in this weekend. We are putting in a short wall to divide the yard. A fire pit is in the planning stages. We have a burning ban. We can get around that by having a fire pit. All my bank statements etc... will go in the pit. It's funny, dig a hole and border it with some stone and add some seats around it. It become a fire pit and not a burning barrel.
Every thing is growing like crazy. Unfortunately for bill so is the grass. Seems we are actually getting a spring. it has'nt gone from 30 to 40 degrees to 80 and 90's. like it has been doing. Love it!!! i also made my 1st rubarb crisp. WHAT A DELICACY OF SPRING> i can't get enough. Tomorrow I'll need to make a couple of more.

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