Friday, May 23, 2008

Down memory lane

Wow, I've really been taken down memory lane,after reading the comments I've received on "Grandma" my fortune telling machine. I loved Iowa city in the 70's. There were so many cool shops. The walmarts and big shopping malls hadn't taken hold of our country yet. Anybody with an idea and some ambition, could go out and open her own shop and make a go of it,and they did. "Red Rose Old Clothes, Ivy's, Bushnell's Turtle, (they had the best carrot cake) and how about nemo's and buc leathers. Epstein's book store and the portable buildings all lined up when the town was doing alittle rebuilding after a fire. I still have some vintage dresses i bought from red rose, beautiful vintage rayon dresses. i really hit the mother lode.
I rode a motorcycle around town back then and believe it or not i was 1 of only 3 women that had one. i rode the streets on my little honda twinstar. dressed in appropriate motorcycle attire. Halter tops and short shorts, and lace up sandals boy was i a site. My blond hair blowing in the wind. I was also the disco queen. i frequented fieldhouse and maxwells and woodfields. In my crazy clothes and danced the night away. I sure had fun!!!!!

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A Wild Thing said...

OH're killin' me here...ahhh the great nights at the Fieldhouse picking up those really cool Iowa City guys...I remember going to another bar and dancing the night away to reggae music...I think I remember the 70/80's...all went up in a puff of smoke me thinks...and yes the little bluebird of happiness is an original waiting to be collaged...later gal...s