Wednesday, May 28, 2008

smells great!

The flowers are beautiful and smell wonderful!! i love bridal wreath, iris, Oh what a treat it is. i have'nt been up to much. cleaning out my studio(if that what it is) mopping floors. the house smells like dogs. riding my bike, another 20 miles. We went to a flea market in bentonsport, iowa saturday. BAD, real bad. cold and windy and not to many people selling. We saw "iron man" the new movie out with robert downey jr. I give it a thumbs up!! i liked it alot. recommend it if you like marvel comics. next, indiana jones, i can't wait.

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A Wild Thing said...

I need a start from the purple wild the smell, but I left them all at the 'X' house. The yard looks fab!!!

I love the town of Bentonsport, Al and I used to go there frequently, sure closes up in the winter though...can't wait for Indiana too, that new one 'The Fall' sounds really good too.

All you have to do is click on the player at my blog and it will take ya to it, it is free and you have a huge selection to play with.

Have I got a treat for you, I will email it to ya later when I get all the shots from the camera, it is so you...later gal...