Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i'm back!!

Well, i have been off line for about a week. I went nuts not able to get on the computer. My computer crashed. Then my water bed sprung a leak, water leaking thru the floor and down thru the light fixtures and into the kitchen. then the kitchen faucet sprung a major leak and the dryer stopped working. all in 1 week!!!I was afraid to leave the house. What could happen would happen.
My good friend laura, started a blog with my encouragement. She is an incredible artist and i wanted her to show the world her talents. please check her out and give her some words of encouragement. please click Fairy wings in my fav blogs list


A Wild Thing said...

I can only think of one thing worse...McCain in office!!! I'm doing last years taxes right now, thank the Gods for extensions...but the time is now and what a perfectly crappy day to do a crappy task...right

Sounds like it's time for a feather bed and a new dryer...ouch!

Have you been to Cross Creek Antiques before, near Cedar Rapids???

love ya gal and glad to have ya back!!!


TropiGal said...

I just discovered your blog at dogwalkmusings. I love the photos of your art. So glad I found you.

Mari Meehan said...

What's Laura's Blog site?

Glad you're back! I've had too many weeks like yours myself!

cconz said...

lauras blog is fairy wings on my favorite blogs.

kartika said...

Hi Cathie, Love your new art piece - very cool! Yes, I am pretty scared of Palin - it's hard to believe anyone could think she has qualifications beyond cheerleader - and they have really been drumming up the hate and fear to very dangerous levels! McCain has fallen to the lowest of levels and I think has shot himself in the foot - I hope November 4th delivers the change we are praying for! Kartika