Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This scares me

The beginning of the month brought with it "What Cheer flea market. It's a large flea market that happens 3 times a year. It's located in southern Iowa. I was walking around scoping out all the goodies when i over hear a loud mouthed guy. He was spewing out alot of Crap. He was dragging along alittle girl about 7 or 8 years old. "Those gaddamn demacrates", they wannana put a gaddamn n----r in the white house, spewing hate and ignorance. Going on and on, Then to top it off i hear him say " gaddamned drive all the way up here and they ain't got no guns, I wanna buy some guns"
i really wanted to say something, but, thought he probably would love alittle confrontation. He wasn't worth it. But, the really sad thing about it all was his little girl. Walking behind him, her hair hanging in front of her face. looking to the ground. She' probably a sexually abused by her disturbing dad. A guy like that, my assumption is probably accurate. What chance in hell is she going to have. A bigot and a sex abuse victim.

I live in my little small town, near a larger city that is culturally diverse and a great art community. People are educated and i don't see much bigotry.It's there, i know but, it's not the majority. What scares me is, How many people out there are like that guy. I fear for Obama, if he's elected. McCain and Palin just feed that hate and negativity. I don't think they even realize what kind people they are attracting. The bottom feeders don't get out much. But, there Coming out from under the rocks for this election.

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A Wild Thing said...

I hear ya...every day I listen to my Mother(who voted for the retard)freak out because Obama is black...oh really, he's black, hadn't noticed...but I assured her that the white house will still be white on the outside...her husband feels the same way. Now my Dad on the other hand has an Obama sign in his front yard and prays for hope and peace in the Mother, me, me, me, did I mention she's a bigot, born and raised in Missouri by a man I could never call Grandpa...a miserable, womanizing old man, who's wife (my Grandmother) died a painful cancer death, hardly noticed by him, at my Mother's frail age of 5. Sucks you know, but people can move foreward...but I guess it's just more fun bein' a redneck motherf--ker.

Love yer' tender heart girlfriend...and I love your is so you, my little mouse.