Thursday, November 6, 2008

funky dolls

I had today off, so i went and did alittle antiquing. I found a few things. I went to Kalona. At the old church, i found a new monkey doll. I've been picking up old or unusual dolls. I have to buy small things anymore. furniture just has NO PLACE here. I was reading my friend Sharon's blog. She was saying she doesn't have trouble finding stuff to haul home. I have trouble. Not to many things grab on to me. Most things are more than i want to spend. But, if i can't live without it. money means nothing. The more unusual the better. I love Gothic rose antiques, everything crystal has is COOL. But, California prices and Iowa prices are a bit different. She has a wonderful velvet drape (from a fortune teller or something)I'd really love to have it.

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suzeeez said...

I love all of your old dolls , I have quite a collection myself .
:o) Sue