Wednesday, November 12, 2008

congratulations dog walker

I want to congratulate my blog friend of dogwalkmusings for getting Henry Alford's 10 favorite blogs written by seniors or are about seniors. Please check it out. I personally don't consider her a senior citizen. But, i like to check her blog regularly to get the scoop and her opinion on all the latest happenings in this crazy world. Some people just are'nt interested in that kind of thing. But, i am.
Also check out Henry Alford's blog of the other 10 blogs. He's a sometimes writer for vanity fair and the new york times.
there is one website called I HATE YOUNG PEOPLE. I laughed so hard tears started coming down my cheeks. I added it to my favorite blog list.

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Mari Meehan said...

Thanks for the plug! I wrote some more about Henry toay with his blessing. He's one neat guy.