Sunday, November 2, 2008

ivan where are you?

We didn't see are or hear anything the first year. I was looking believe me. I had learned that the fellow that lived in our house before us had killed himself. Bill knew who he was . His parents had built the house and There were 2 kids, Ivan and leota.We bought the place from leota.
Very late one night I was tossing and turning in bed. Bill fast asleep.
I suddenly see the entire room filled with small balls of light. They were swirling in a circle, above us.I wake bill up and we both sit up and watch the swirling mystery lights. There were no drugs or booze involved in this siting. Then all of a sudden They all converge to the center of the room and disappear.
After that spectacle, Everyday we would see a single large ball of light flying about the house. Also see a dark figure walking back and forth in the room off the living room. A closet door would open and slam shut.
The dogs were also seeing the flying balls of light. You could see there heads following the direction it was going.Going up the stairs and it would fly right past.Every day and all the time.
A friend told us about a spiritualist convention in Clinton Iowa. She really recommend we go. It a convention for spiritualist from all over the country. They give readings and other interesting things.
We went.
I sat down in front of a older woman at a table. She was fussing with the edge of the table cloth, rolling and unrolling. She just asked my name. Cathie i said. She proceeded to tell me about a man that was standing behind me. "He's not a relative but, a Friend". He telling me he left something for you at your home. He left you a bible. He's saying "If you ever need help to pick up the bible and he'll help me.He had no one to leave it to. But, he's leaving it to you.
I left the room and told bill what she said. "Oh my god Cathie, In the shed i found a hat and a pair of boots and a well worn bible."
From then on we called our ghost Ivan.
I found myself talking to him all the time.
He was a definite presence in the house, but, not a frightening one.
He lived with us about 4 years
Then one day i said to bill, "I don;t think Ivan is here any more"
He said he didn't think so either.
Bill's mom worked at the local funeral parlor. She called to tell us that leota had died afew weeks earlier.Leota was Ivan's sister.
Ivans leaving coincided with his sisters death.
We miss him.


A Wild Thing said...

Right on Ivan! I have felt nothing in this house...all is quiet...I think I'll be the one to stick around here when the time comes...I love my little pink shack!

But after all the goings on at the old store, 'Madd Creek'...there is no doubt in my mind...ha...we are not alone.

kartika said...

I guess lots of us are caught between worlds in one way or another! How are you doing today? Are you optimistic? Do you need someone to talk you down? I think I am going like the speed of light between the two! Anyway, I have my fingers crossed and will be glued to the tv tonight and hopefully celebrating an Obama victory. Talk to you after the results! Kartika

Tracy said...

What a great story, but also sad. It is fun having "them" around. I have the orb stories in my blog under the older posts. They are June, Rainbows and orbs and then May Haunted presents and orbs.

I love your blog...just put it in my favorites.

I tried to post b4, but I don't think it took.