Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Ice baby

Wow, bill and i worked christmas and midway thru our shift it started to rain. When we got off, the roads were pure ice! So half way home we went in the ditch. My first time in the ditch. On christmas night about midnight. What do we do now. Bills ready to make the move to the nearest farm house. WHEN.... I see car light coming our way.They stop and take us right to our door. Jasmine and her brother just came from iowa city, they had gone to a movie. Two wonderful kids. Thank-you!! Bill's off now fetching the car. Glad when this ice stuff is over.

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A Wild Thing said...

Yup...and more on the it Spring yet. I'm so glad I don't have to get out in that crap anymore!!!

Glad you're OK though, I've only hit the ditch once too, did a complete circle, then into the ditch...heehaw... I wasn't driving though, scarey!