Thursday, December 4, 2008

two new girls

Actually 1 is a new girl "Izzy" and the other I've had awhile but, she's been packed away. I'm calling her "Ruth" or "Whitey".
"Whitey" was a woman that worked with me in the early days at the hospital. She wasn't your typical sweet little old lady. She was around 65 years when she retired but, she looked 80. All the smoking and drinking really took a tole on her looks, but not her spirit. She could work circles around alot of the lumps we had working with us. She had a fitting name for most of them "Your a fig newton" or a "Prune danish". Some new boss started and Ruth's first question was "how long you gonna last, baby?". The new boss didn't last long. She'd get her hair styled every Friday and she always had a big sack of beer or booze on Friday, picking it up after getting her hair done. She was very colorful, she still is 1 of my favorite people I've met while working at central sterilizing.She kept me in stitches.The doll looks just like her.

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A Wild Thing said...

She looks like Cruela gone mod...what a face...PRUNE...your co-worked sounds like someone I could have fun with too...a real piece of work, ha...more snow on the way, my knees ache. Just got back from Sister's, she had the best cocoa and glazed donuts...yummmm...later toots