Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We are heading out to Mexico this Sunday. Flying into Cancun and renting a car and driving to the hacienda near uxmal. We will be there from the 11 to the 23 of December. I can't wait!!!! It will be pretty laid back, see the ruins and surrounding villages. visit the flamingo reserve. Flea markets in Merida.
We will be doing a 4 hour drive. advice given....keep doors locked at all times and don't drive at night. When we pull into a gas station make sure the meter reads zero before they fill er up. Also make note of EVERY ding or dent in the car before you take off.
That 's just common sense. It's all just common sense. Trusting your instinct, in other situations.
I also splurged and made the big switch. I bought an i
IMac. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Lots to take in. Bill is pretty bad at computers and is slow to embrace it. He was just getting used to the other one. I also got an IPAD to bring on the trip. Still no cell phone though. That's something i CAN live without.


A Wild Thing said...

I knew you were up to sumthin...you need a sunshine fix, don't we all here in Iowa...I'm trying to talk myself into a couple of weeks in Florida after the holidays, I needa dog n chicken sitter!

Have fun lil' buddy, take lots of pictures!!!


Gayle said...

Seriously jealous!!!!!!

Have a great time and stay safe!!!
Bring back lots of photos to share!!!

Laura Rodgers said...

I was just checking on Mexico trips the other day. Enjoy and be careful... : )

Gary said...


MEXICO !!! (crossing arms and turning back to monitor, pouting…) Well I guess I can muster a, hope you guys have a great time, wear your sunscreen, don’t drink the water, and take lots of pictures. I should be over my pout by the time you get back and would love to see them :)

-- gary