Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yucatan a Magical place

The 1st day at breakfast, we were approached by a man named jorge that said he would be are guide to the ruins. He was worth every cent. He gave a tour the made you feel a part of the mystery . I could just feel the energy that surrounded that place. Bill has always been in tune to things like that. Jorge turned out to be a good friend to have the rest of the trip. He told us he's been a guide for 40 years, spoke 5 languages. All self taught. He said a quide has to be a historian, singer, comedian, photographer,
philosopher.poet. He was all the above. To demonstrate the way sounds amplified in the ball court he belted out a frank sinatra song. He had everybody laughing.


Gary said...


The Yucatan, ancient and mystical ruins, you and bill, a guide named jorge, and a frank sinatra tune, all sounds pretty natural when it comes to one your outings. Nothing common place when it comes to our cc. – gary

PS – loving the pics.

Linda said...

Wow that sounds wonderful ...I would love to see the ruins someday...I would say you hit the jackpot with your guide...he sounded like alot of fun and a wealth of knowledge...lad you had such a great time!!


cconz said...

C'mon Gary get that passport out, the world is waiting.Adventures at every turn. You too Linda, It's not as expensive as you might think. Go for it.