Wednesday, July 30, 2008

something has to happen!!!

Every day, i read the paper and check out the new blips on my home page. I see and hear some good and wonderful or hopeful things. But, more bad and ugly and hopeless things. Things that have gone on to long and have grown into these global world wide disasters. The dumbing of the world but, mostly the dumbing of America. The world wide rape of natural resources, horrendous crimes against animals and children. The poisoning of our water our air. No one cares. Some people care But, it's not enough. Get off your Ass and do something. Write or email everyone in your senate your government. We will NOT VOTE FOR YOU< You SON OF A BITCH > IF you DON'T DO SOMETHING. THIS MATTERS TO US!!!! I have started with small steps. but, i have started to do my part. You, can sit in your little world, not caring or wanting to hear whats going on around you. Thinking oh, everything is just fine. everybody is good. Then one day, the old rug is going to be yanked out, You'll be left standing there wondering what happened. I for one hope Something BIG happens, Please, Aliens come down and tell to stop the destruction!shake us up. I don't dwell on it, because i would go crazy. But, i don't just do nothing either. I read other blogs and most are filled with beautiful thoughts and beautiful words. painting a Rosie picture . But, i just don't have it in me. I'm a pretty positive person. I hate being around negative people. I have a happy home with my flowers critters and a crazy man at my side. But, it's hard to say whats right any more.


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

I have to believe the world is not as bad as the media would have us believe. Yes, there is room for much improvement but I think most people in this world, by FAR, are good and concerned and are doing the best they can. It;s only when you hear about all the craziness that you start to think it's all around you but I think it's NOT the norm.

Cheer up Girlfriend! It'll be alright! But if you decide to run for President, I'd vote for ya!

A Wild Thing said...

It is over-whelming isn't it, the quest for money and riches and power, it's disgusting!!! I am constantly amazed at the amount of people that don't take the time to recycle, yeah, wake up world, this is more choices out there. I am the only one in my family that recycles. I have one bag of garbage that goes out once a month, everything else gets recycled. Supporting organic farmers is big for me, no pharmaceuticals to pollute the waterways, no meat-eating to protest factory farms. Trying to live green is a mind set, you just have to think small and think good thoughts, that will be passed on to the next person through example. We are just a planet full of parasites and I think a good cleansing is what we deserve...starting in Washington...America has gotten fat and lazy, but the rest of the world is catching up...bummer

think happy Cath, I'm with ya here!!!


Anonymous said...

I must admit I had a negative view of Americans largely due to the illegal occupation of Iraq...but through blogging and 'meeting' some wonderful people, I can say they share your frustration. I hope that this election brings the change that so many people seem to want...Good on you for getting your views out there.

cconz said...

i tend to disagree, i think we are seeing the "norm", there maybe just as many good folk out there as bad folks. But, when the good folks, turn and look the other way or take "no action" when they see abuses in any form, i think they are just as bad.DO something "ANYTHING