Monday, January 12, 2009

c'mon spring

Well, more snow is on the way. They are saying 4-8 inches and blizzard conditions in some areas. I don't mind the snow but, leave the below zero temps out of the picture. I picked up one of those "eden pure" heaters. I really like it. I'm so proud of myself. For 2 weeks I've been climbing 9 flights of stairs faithfully twice a night on my breaks, instead of chowing down on sea salt and vinegar chips. I went swimming with my friend Laura last Thursday. It felt so great that we are going to go every Tuesday and Thursday. Then hit the hot tub afterwards, with alittle sun therapy in the atrium. After all my exercise, I've acquired new found energy. I've been keeping the dog walks short because of all the ice. They are very happy about that. None of my little monkeys enjoys cold weather.
Jimi in his second favorite place. My arms are his favorite place.


A Wild Thing said...

What a pair of mugshots girl, too cute...does the exercizing have anything to do with a mountain climbing expedition coming up??? Did I mention you are a lucky lil' shit!!!

Hey, go on over to Yaya Chique on my sidebar and check her out...I think you'll like, click over to her Ancestors site...she is very cool.

Talk about a cluster f--k white-out...maybe a trip to Texas in the next week...ha!

Mauigirl said...

I am so ready for spring....

Good for you on the exercise! I am feeling guilty for not walking Diva that much but it is scary to try to walk on the ice.

lsg said...

I with you there . Love that jug it looks like a relic. I'll have to come over and take a good look at it.