Thursday, January 15, 2009

memory jugs

I just got my CD from Laurie Zuckerman. It's a fabulous book that gives the history and shows all the different types of jugs, vases, bowls,that people have covered with trinkets of their lives. I've always loved them but could never afford them. i found 1 at a junk shop for about 35.00.
Laurie is a fabulous artist. check out her alters and memory jugs. If you love folk art or Mexican art like me. you'll love her art.

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A Wild Thing said...

How cool is that, I love that it's gold too.

Is it cold enough out there for don't it!!! All I get done is throw out more Scratchy something to do, look at the birds.

I bet your roads are really bad in town aren't they...bumpy, like here...did I say SUCKS!!!

Love ya gal...