Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wake-up!!! I'm talking to myself!! I'm in the duldrums. I find it Hard to write something once a week let alone every day like some folks> I haven't done ANYTHING worth writing about. I did get my therapy today. My friend Laura and i went swimming. I swam 40 min. and sat in the hot tub, bubbling away my sorry state. It sure felt heavenly.
Bill and i are thinking about buying a commercial building in lone tree. A friend of ours came into some money and buying a house and has offered it to us for a great price of $10,000 and It has a new roof pitched(it was a flat roof) 2 new furnaces. Upstairs apartment and the downstairs is a shop. I would LOVE TO HAVE it. Bill used to own it at one time . It leaked like a sieve. When it rained it was like Chinese water torture. But, it was a cool place. Now the water problem has been taken care of. I don't know what we'll do. But, it sure would be great. A PLACE TO PUT MORE STUFF.

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