Tuesday, June 23, 2009

foxtail lilly

Wow! my foxtail lilies are beautiful this year. I'm experimenting with them, they are temperamental and expensive.. They've bloomed 2 years in a row. I might have to try some different colors. I guess it's a desert plant. It prefers hot and dry. I just got thru pitting cherries for another year. What a messy job. It's suppose to reach 99 degrees today. I believe it's hotter. We don't have any Air conditioning. It is just perfectly comfortable until it's like it is today. I spray the birds and dunk the dogs in the tub. Then plop them in front of the fan.


Simply Iowa said...

Ahhh, Iowa! Colder than Alaska in winter, Hotter than the deep south, in the summer! We are either really tuff, or really stupid for living here...
The bolt bin is super cool! Wood front drawers, tin inside! It's about 5 ft. 2 wide, and too long to fit on my counter, but I think the height would be fine. It would be great in a kitchen! Price, 295.00. It's pretty darn sweet!
See Ya!
Barb C.

lsg said...

Hmmm... Cherries .. I better visi Hester.... Did you leave any on the trees?

A Wild Thing said...

My veggie garden has been so weird this year...I have slugs and snails...come on...I have sand!!!

Did you know they eat green beans? I had just one batch of beans, then they stopped producing, my tomatoes have the soggy root wilt, something TOTALLY ate my 12 broccoli plants and the winds have blown down my corn and snow peas.

The farm markets down the road have just been decimated by the weather and I heard the biggest one didn't buy crop insurance this year...argh!!!

But the aerial spraying goes on all around me as the ice sheets melt...DUH!!! C'mon Monsanto, throw us a bone!!!

Because of the heat, I haven't left the house this week, but will be coming through Sat. morning, if it works for you???


Simply Iowa said...

Hey Girlie!
I'm always runnin' on fumes, and puttin' out fires! And I see you like things that make you p.o.ed. You should have seen the smoke from Fairfax way today....I don't get 'twisted' too often, but when I do... look out....
'til next time,
Barb C.

Laura Rodgers said...

very cool looking... never grew these..might try them sometime. Do you have gi-normous hostas this year ? mine are quite large from all our rain!

Lori R. said...

Those foxtail lilies are gorgeous!! What a show stopper. I don't have one of those. Maybe I need to look for them online. YUM, Cherries,,,,fruit of the month!!!