Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More goodies

I wanted to show you a few more treasures. On our trip we picked up 2 gourds that are carved out by the local people. They are very intricate and tell a story of their country. One is of the amazon jungle. It's full of animals and vegetation. The other one is of the people and everything that Peru offers. I always try to pick up the local art wherever i go.

The vase i picked up at the Iowa city art festival last weekend. I love the lizard. This fellow had some great pieces. His business name is "tin hill pottery" Kristin A. Hill of Davenport, Iowa.


Laura Rodgers said...

Fabulous gourds! They have so much to tell and so much texture. What great treasures to bring home. Love them! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.. I couldn't wait to see them. The animals are teriffic!

A Wild Thing said...

WOW...luv the gourds...saw your pic on Barb's blog...oh the addictions...too funny...LUV the amphib-theater, too funny. And how things come around that are meant to be...can't wait to stop by and check out all the scored big girl!

Happy belated birthday friend!!!


[chantal] said...

I have a gourd like that. My mother gave it too me. I love it. It has carved alpacas, birds & men on it.