Monday, June 15, 2009

more pictures

When i wrote my first post on our trip, i was still in a daze from the horrible airplane experience.
When i rested a few days i really thought on how much fun we had. It definitely was an adventure. All our trips are crazy adventures. When we were there a strike was going on and the natives were being forced to pay for their water , it had been free to use as it always had for hundreds of years. Then there was another strike the day we left. 20 policeman were killed. They don't mention how many native Amazonian were killed. They are striking because the gas companies want to clear cut forest for oil. I think i know who's side I'm on.
They had crazy markets. Everything for sale, even Peruvian boner pills! It's everywhere you go!!!
We passed this booth, with a young couple eating something out of a bowl. They saw us looking and said "The soup is Delicious, try it". There were acouple of chairs and we sat. They were from Australia. The soup was chicken noodle. We ordered a bowl (they were BIG) She scoops up a big ladle into the bowl and then takes a big clever and chops off a big piece of chicken off a big chicken on the table and throws it in the bowls. Strange but very good indeed.
Meat is hanging everywhere, along with whole pig carcasses laying out on a table.
Your walking and walking and notice a smell. Smack right in front of me is a huge (as tall as me)
pile of garbage. right in the middle of all the food for sale. I took a picture of it and 2 ladies started screaming something at me and chased me down the street.
Cuzco is a beautiful city, it's the oldest still inhabited city in south America. Everything is as it was hundreds of years ago. The fabulous Churches and cobblestone streets, stone walls. The only familiar place was 1 McDonald's. and you couldn't even see it. You had to really look for it. It was the only place one could get a cold drink with ice. Everything was warm, beer, water,pop,forget a icy cold margarita.
Communication was tuff at times. We went to a biker bar we found, "Norton's rat Tavern" and ordered a couple of beers and got 4 pina colatas. I ordered a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce and got a big bowl of spaghetti covered in a bright green sauce. What the heck!!!

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