Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New acquisitions

My birthday was on the 3rd. I'd have to say it was fabulous. An amazing trip, Some beautiful new acquisitions. I went to see my blogging buddy barb from "simply Iowa" and was blown away by all her Victorian shadow box creations. Bill helped me buy 2 of them. The large one is a wreath of hydrangeas and a center of roses, all made from paper. White on white and simply beautiful. The smaller one is a wreath made of wool yarn wrapped around thin wire. The colors are gorgeous. (I'll have to do alittle cleaning on that one.) The time it took to make one of these is mind boggling. Thanks barb, I'll be back next month for more. She is a special treat to meet. I've always loved reading her blog. All the crazy predicaments and wild adventures she gets herself into. Never a dull moment at her house.

Then my grand new "WHITE ELEPHANT" ! I saw this Castle or whatever it is. about 10 years ago or so, in an antique store i frequent. I fell in love with it. But it was about 500.00. Oh, to bad! I can't afford that. But, i still wanted it. Lou told me it was a display piece for jewelry dating back to the 30's. All handmade and it lights up. It's made so it creates a optical illusion (of depth). Then 1 day it was gone. I was sick. Then 10 years later it shows up again, in another shop i frequent. It's also alot cheaper. I can afford it now. It is now mine and SO BIG it fits nowhere but the table i have in the sun room. The sun room is a Mexican theme so i thought my frog collection will fit nicely inside. What do you think? It was meant to be mine.
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Laura Rodgers said...

cool beans... love the shadow boxes... Happy b-day honey.. i'm a believer age is attitude.. celebrate the moments : )

Lori R. said...

Love the box jewelry storage thingy. How interesting is that. And it was meant for you, especially when it appeared again. That's just crazy!

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