Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's not as bad as it looks

Well, Bill and i are starting to get it ready to work on. The building that is. The 2 major projects are getting a new roof for the addition on the back. It leaks pretty bad. Then replacing the wood floor in the large center room with cement. Then we'll have a Strong sturdy floor with radiant heat. It will solve a few problems it had. The roof comes off next week, weather permitting. Here are a few pictures. Also the upstairs apartment isn't too bad. Updating and some new windows are the major projects with that phase of the renovation. but, it's high and dry and not going any where so it will wait till we get the down stairs dialed in. On that back wall there was a large garage door. It's going to be replaced with a wide double door. We are also adding a new window. Oh, did i mention, it only cost us 8000.00. A bargin to boot.

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