Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tribute to someone I wish I had known


Glitter, glitter in the sky,
high above the trees
twinkling, blinking
down at me.

Soft and pleasant moonlight,
across my wall it creeps.
Droopy, heavy eyelids
welcome me to sleep.

Nightlight glowing,
gentle and polite.
I slip into dream
and sail into the night.


Jake was my nephew. I met him once when he was about 6 or 7 years old. My brother john was visiting us with his boys. I remember him being very shy. But, fascinated by Smiley our jabbering parrot. Over the years he had grown into a handsome caring and generous man. Only i never knew that Jake. When i heard from john that Jake had died suddenly, my 1st response was intense sadness for john. I can never express myself well when it comes to situations like this. I don't want to say what everyone says. "I'm so sorry for your loss". I Am sorry for his loss but, so much more than that too. I can't even pretend to know what it's like losing your son. I can only imagine. I know now that john is trying find the meaning of all this.

I feel that everyone is put here to do something. Jake was a teacher. He taught kids art and how to express their feelings thru art. He was the sun in every body's day. Just maybe Jake changed someones life. Their life would have taken a different route if they hadn't met him. We will never know. That only happens in "It's a wonderful life." with jimmy Stewart. But, I tend to believe that. Everyone makes an impact on someone . I hope john finds some meaning, with his soul searching. I find a tremendous loss for not getting to know him.


Chris said...

It's so sad when people die in their prime. Best wishes to everyone involved.

Simply Iowa said...

Oh Cathie,
I am so sorry...And, I don't think anyone knows the 'right' words, to say... I believe you are right, about 'A Wonderful Life'... I am thankful, for Faith... And knowing this is not the end...It is the begining...
You are all in my prayers...
Barb C.

Kathy Dalrymple / Midnight Madness said...

How profoundly sad you must all feel.....may you find some peace.

Lori R. said...

How sad to leave this world so young. I lost my brother at age 22 in 1977 and my mom still morns his death especially in November. It just tells us to live like there's no tomorrow, dance like no one's around and sing like nobody is listening. This is a song by Chris Tomlin... Hugs for your spiritual healing. I am sorry for your loss...