Sunday, October 11, 2009

Persian art tiles

Meet Jafar and Lynn Mogadam, he's teaching me and 3 of my friends how to paint our own tiles. What a character he is, to say the least. His energy and sunny disposition about life and his art is very infectious. His art of Persian art tiles is incredible. (please read the article i found on him) He has been SO generous in helping us learn this beautiful art form. Lynn his wife was into belly dancing in her younger days. She is a character in her own right. A women's libber and an Iranian, an unlikely combo. Parvin and Zari are from Iran so it all has special meaning for them. It's been fun learning something new. It's also been fun getting together with friends on Sunday afternoons, Creating and talking, learning.

I'll finally be able to fire up my kiln. I have a large one that I've had for afew years. But, I've never fired it up. So, with getting my studio up and running , hopefully soon. The sky is the limit with what cool stuff i can come up with. I can't wait.


Chris said...

I'm catching up here a little... This is the coolest thing ever. Your space... oh, I could die. Yes, leave the graffiti! Keep us posted!

kartika said...

Very exciting! His work is lovely! My friend, Karla, paints on tile and I love what she does - go girl! Kartika

Love your new music!!1