Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4 days off

I've had 4 glorious days off. I was working in my flower gardens and i went antiquing...Worked in the building, Walked and rode my bike. I know i haven't posted much lately, but, i am still here.
The spring bulbs are doing great. Better with the rain we just had. I 'm busy digging up day lilies, trying to keep them controlled (somewhat).
Bill and i went to see barb Of simply Iowa . bill bought another orchard ladder. A person can't have to many ladders. I added another linoleum floor cloth to the collection. I think it's going in the building. Found a cool folk art picture frame at "decorum", from mark in Iowa city. Artifacts in Iowa city had a beautiful floor size rug from Iran, it's about 40 years old. I hate to even put it down anywhere, it's so pretty.
The building is coming around slow but sure. Just opening it up and letting a cross breeze blow thru it, really helps. I'll be posting progress pictures soon.

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Eccentricities said...

Sounds like we both did the exact same things on our days off! Heavenly! Enjoy the wonderful Spring weather!