Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things i like about spring

This is FATTY
Korean spice viburnum
Flowering crab apple
A row of flowering crabs
I love spring because of the intoxicating smells. Walk anywhere and and my nose is filled with the smell of lilacs and Korean spice viburnums, bridal wreath. It really is my favorite time of year. Everything is NEW.
Yesterday i was met with a very friendly cat in my yard. Skin and bones, She was friendly because she was desperate. Her face was all wet and she was really dirty and nasty looking but friendly. I tried to feed it and she tried to eat, but couldn't. Bill took one look at her and said "Oh Cathie, get that thing outta here. It's probably got distemper. I loaded her up in the car and to the the ic animal shelter i went. They said it's jaw was broken. Her face was wet because she had to put her whole face in a bowl of water to drink. The poor thing. I've never seen her around here before. But, they said they'd take care of her. Clean her up and see if they can help her. If not they may put her down. But, i figured either way , she's better off there than fending for herself.
We had a cat adopt us about 12 years ago. We call her "FATTY"
One day we saw a kitten on the top of bill (no longer working) truck. We discovered there were several kittens. Feral kittens, wild and scrappy. The mother was sweet as pie. We rounded up the kittens, Found homes. The mother, we decided we couldn't keep. Delivered her to a Friends farm about 4 miles away. She was back on our porch 2 days later. Well i guess if she wants to be here that bad she can stay. Took her in and had her spayed and she has been the best cat ever.

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A Wild Thing said...

Sister, this is what I love about you(one of many reasons)you are so aware of life around you and your kind giving spirit shines, as you can tell by your yard, you have Natures' nurturing touch!

Your yard in the Springtime is a sight to behold!!!