Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the saddle

It took me a bit but, i finally hopped on the seat of my bike and took off. That's all it took to get me fired up again. I had to work the weekend and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. My friend Jennifer called and wanted me to ride to Iowa city with her. Damned i thought. I'd love to go. But, No, the hospital was calling me. How depressing. So i went on a 15 mile ride on Sunday and a 20 mile ride on Monday. I feel great. It sure beats going to the gym. Sun and fresh air. You can't beat it. I'm so glad Jen called. I'm happy she is getting into riding again. A bike buddy is a good thing to have. We will be able to ride together on weekends at least. We work different shifts.
I do love to ride solo also, NO radio, just the wind in my face and quiet. I solve all the worlds problems and blow off steam, while riding. I always hope no one sneaks up behind me. I'll be jabbering and holding 1-way conversations, cussing and yelling. But, i always feel so much better when I'm done.


Gary said...

cc, Glad to hear (well read) that the weather is now allowing you do things you enjoy. So I will just say "May all the roads you travel be smooth, and the hills small". Have fun. - G

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Sweetie!
I feel the same way, about horseback riding... I have gotten sooo fat, I don't ride... Poor Scout would have a fit if I tried to jump on him now... Oh my God... What a Funny, Funny image just blew through my brain... Oh poor old Scout! It was gret to see you and Bill, I was so stinkin' lethargic, from the 'crud' that I could hardly think straight! I've got more 'crud' comin' on... Man, I hate being sick, when the weather is so beautiful!!! I'm going to the Chicago Botanic Garden Show, with Peg, and Daughter, Liz, in the morn... Can't wait!
Love Ya, kid...
Barb C.

A Wild Thing said...

Girl, I got a visual of that the evil witch on the bicycle in The Wizard of Oz, Cathie flying down the back roads just a-bitchin' about the nasties of the world today...I'm right behind ya girl!!!

Went to Barb C's the other day with friends...boy am I inspired...and like Barb told me, I need to find my rabbit hole and make it now I'm starting my plans for a conservatory and a chicken palace...weeeee, can't wait...who needs a castle on the hill when we have our shacks...right!!!

Luv ya sista!


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